I’m in my late twenties and teach in a secondary school in the Midlands. Over the last few years I have struggled with stress, anxiety and worry. These are issues that face many of the children I teach and people I know. I have been undergoing non-intensive CBT and I want some of the developments I am going through to be a central focus in my blog. I hope to use this blog to help my pursuit of mindfulness and appreciation of the present moment. Writing a blog is something I have always wanted to do, but I was intimidated by reading other peoples’ blogs and feeling my life was not exciting or significant enough: that I didn’t have anything worth sharing. My intention is simply to record some of the moments and experiences in my life as a way to appreciate them fully. I hope in the process to share my experiences practising mindfulness and reflections on some areas of my life that are important to me: climbing, teaching, family, relationships and travel amongst others.

524330_3678026118833_1394791174_nI have chosen the quote from EM Forster for my blog’s name as it is a quote I have always loved and remembered. For me, this quote sums up beautifully what I believe leads to happiness:  building relationships with the people around you and feeling a sense of connection with where you are, wherever you are.




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